SkyNet Aviation is pleased to officially announce its solutions alliance with ForeFlight. Under this alliance, ForeFlight’s world-class mobile flight deck application and dispatch capabilities are available within the SkyNet REACH Aero Day Of Operations Ecosystem for small to medium air fleets.

Smooth flight operations from planning to landing

SkyNet Aviation CEO Jon Davis says the integration means REACH Day Of Operations can now be used by air fleets as an even more powerful and complete platform and is an essential part of any Operations Control Centre (OCC).

“It offers the detailed functionality necessary for the full flight planning service and EFB distribution functions that are vital to get aircraft off the tarmac, into the sky and back on the ground,” Davis says.

For operators, the integration also removes “seams” from the complex operations processes for managing their fleets. Further, it streamlines the compliance, tactical and documentation loads on flight crews.

“It means having the ability to deliver flight crews detailed flight planning information – with everything they need – before they take off. It’s yet another step towards the dream of a paperless cockpit,” Davis says.

ForeFlight Dispatch takes integrated flight planning to the next level. The key insight is that it is a centralised flights list with up-to-date performance calculations. From this basis, planners can get better insights into the status of any flight and easily release flight plans and important documents directly to assigned crew members’ mobile devices.

Further, Davis points out that many tarmac or apron processes are governed by accurate scheduling and real-time ETA updates.

“Knowing when any aircraft is going to turn up on a ramp is vital. This integration powers the EFB that ensures flight crews know how their responsibilities fit into the whole.”

A flexible ecosystem of flight ops solutions

In explaining why a “flexible ecosystem” solution is overdue for the flight operations sector, Davis points out that so many small and medium operators are still using spreadsheets and bespoke applications. As such, their business growth and operational capacities are held back by the inherent limitations of those approaches.

Until now, the usual next step for operators facing these limits would be a high-dollar solution, such as Sabre or Amadeus, as used by major airlines. However, the cost barrier to adopting these is often prohibitive.

This is where the Ecosystem approach becomes highly relevant. Offering flexibility, customisability and dedicated integration with the world’s leading specialist applications – such as ForeFlight – REACH Day Of Operations balances the need for operational scale with the constraints of budget realities.

Simply, it’s the middle road for managing end-to-end flight operations at the maximum efficiency and the minimum cost.

Wherever you are globally, the integration between ForeFlight and SkyNet REACH Day Of Operations can be configured for your needs. To find out more, contact SkyNet Aviation or download the brochure. For more about ForeFlight Dispatch or ForeFlight Mobile, follow the links.

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