The Rotary Wing Show’s Mick Cullen and SkyNet’s Jon Davis, discuss the dangers and contributing factors of Wrong Deck Landings (WDL), and the ADS-B solution we provide – LASAW.

LASAW (an acronym for Landing Approach Surveillance And Warning) works through using ADS-B to detect, track and log all aircraft – fixed wing or rotary – that are in a landing configuration for an aerodrome. If the aircraft passes the alert point, the system automatically initiates nominated on-the-ground warning procedures. You can learn more about LASAW here.

Cullen discusses in his article that, “Oil rigs can sometimes look very similar to each other and are not always signed in a way that assists pilots in adverse conditions. If you were flying an approach to the rig in the photo below think about how difficult it would be to confirm the rig identification when your mental model has you “in the right spot”.  Also note the stowed cranes for the approach. If they weren’t expecting an arrival then the cranes could be impinging on the deck or the go-around area.” (Cullen, 2021)

You can check out the full article and podcast here.

Cullen, M. (2021). ‘RWS 98 – Wrong Deck Landings and Approach Detection with Jon Davis’, The Rotary Wing Show, 01 April. Available at: (Accessed: 01 April 2021).

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