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In any aviation company, your controllers, corporate officers, team leaders, senior engineers, pilots and line managers must make the right judgment calls on operations, contracts and cash flow.

To do this, they need the clearest possible picture of every contingent factor – internal and external – of what’s going on in the air and on the ground. SkyNet Aviation exists to develop solutions that give it to them.

When you work with us to improve mission-critical outcomes, your organisation will benefit from our decades of experience in designing global solutions. From Scandinavia to the Gulf of Mexico, to the Australian outback, SkyNet Aviation solutions make fleet and flight operations easier and more efficient for management, operators, contractors, commercial pilots, cabin crew and ground crews.

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Tailored Flexibility

Systems Designed For Mid-Tier Fleets

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Tailored Flexibility

Why SkyNet Aviation Is the Smart Choice

At SkyNet Aviation, our offering is designed specifically for fleets of 5 to 50 aircraft – both fixed-wing and rotary-wing. Why this size? Because it means you’ve reached a point where you understand the challenges of operational scale and are positioned for growth.

However, you’re also facing the challenge of finding solutions that are both efficient and powerful enough for your needs. We’re proud to be the only dedicated providers of holistic data-driven solutions developed specifically for aviation’s mid-tier operators.

Featuring fully integrated data-driven software and hardware solutions, SkyNet Aviation has changed the way aviation businesses communicate and operate on a global scale. Underpinned by the solutions ecosystem of REACH Day Of Operations, we cover all aspects of running a mid-tier aviation business.

From the Cross Data Integration (XDI) that brings together real-time feeds from all your business functions, to our cutting-edge private ADS-B network offering near real-time position report updates, the SkyNet Aviation suite delivers true end-to-end enterprise capability.









about skynet

We’ll empower your business to:

Aviation Is Who We Are

Led by CEO Jon Davis, with over 30 years’ experience as a commercial pilot and solutions developer, the SkyNet Aviation team is made up of specialists and engineers who simply love flying, technology or signals engineering … or all three.

Above all, we’re here to solve real-world problems. That’s why SkyNet Aviation always focuses on the practical side of innovations. The trigger for all our pioneering achievements has been demonstrated market needs, either to make the skies safer or to help aviation companies operate more effectively.

A Proven Track Record

With deep industry connections forged over decades of success and mutual, SkyNet Aviation is proud to offer you access to our strong commercial and development partnerships. We have alliances with leading specialists on weather, engineering dispatch and more.

Over the years, SkyNet Aviation – backed by parent company SkyNet Satellite Communications – has been a quiet achiever, racking up a list of world firsts and industry.

01 Feb 2001Live satellite civilian aircraft tracking27 Mar 2008Hybrid data fusion24 Sep 2009A “single pane of glass” operational dashboard28 Jan 2019Australia’s first commercially owned ADS-B network01 Mar 2020Papua New Guinea’s first ADS-B network24 Sep 2020Self-contained and 100% solar-powered ADS-B receiver01 Dec 2020Automatic AI-enabled landing approach detection and warning
about skynet

SkyNet Is Here to Solve Your Aviation Problems

What all this means is that when you need to manage your fleet, business, data or tracking through stronger data management and operational decision support, you need to call SkyNet Aviation.

Our purpose is to develop tools that give mid-tier aviation fleets like yours the capabilities of large airlines and flag carriers at a fraction of the cost.

We’re ready to show you how to leap to the front of your field, all you need to do is start the conversation.

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