SkyNet Aviation® announces ADS-B Transponder Emergency Alert Manager, enabling emergency squawk codes to be sent direct to SkyNet’s commercial ADS-B users

SkyNet Aviation® now enables users to receive ADS-B transponder emergency alerts directly from the aircraft, bypassing the delays of the current system. Announced in Brisbane, Australia, by SkyNet Aviation® Managing Director Jon Davis, the new ADS-B Transponder Emergency Alert Manager (TEAM) capability means that SkyNet REACH and SkyNet LASAW users can pick up the transmission […]

SkyNet Aviation impresses Queensland Minister for Innovation the Hon. Stirling Hinchliffe with world-leading flight tracking technology

SkyNet Aviation has hosted Queensland State Minister the Hon. Stirling Hinchcliffe for a demonstration of its world-leading ADS-B, REACH Day of Operations and LASAW solutions. As the centrepiece of the visit to SkyNet Aviation’s head office (Brisbane, Australia), Minister Hinchcliffe, the Queensland State Minister for Tourism Industry Development and Innovation, was led through a live […]

SkyNet Aviation is expanding the capability of REACH LASAW with the addition of a Helipad Landing Capacity Status (HLCS) and capacity function – July 2021

SkyNet Aviation is expanding the capability of the REACH LASAW surveillance system with the addition of a Helipad Landing Capacity Status (HLCS) and capacity function. Rolled out in July 2021, the function offers Aeromedical Dispatch teams and Oil & Gas Platform operators a real-time view of: which of their helipads are currently being occupied and […]

Curfew Violation Reporting – new feature for REACH Day Of Operations

At SkyNet, we’re pleased to announce the release of our new Curfew Violation Reporting system. Currently, in service for two international airports – Sydney (IATA: SYD) and Adelaide (IATA: ADL) – it is also available to all users of REACH Day Of Operations as a no-cost upgrade.  We developed this new functionality because curfew violations […]

Get to know LASAW

SkyNet Aviation’s newest innovation REACH Aero® Landing Approach Surveillance And Warning (LASAW) Whether it’s an airport, airstrip, airfield or helipad, your ground staff must know when an aircraft is about to touch down. If you’re responsible for an uncontrolled aerodrome, then unplanned, unexpected or unknown landings are a safety hazard and source of lost revenue. […]

PRESS RELEASE – Automatically raising alarms when aircraft approach and land without warning: SkyNet Aviation’s new innovative solution to the Aviation Industry

Australian flight management solutions leader SkyNet Aviation launches LASAW – an innovation that automatically detects inbound aircraft and raises the alarm about aircraft making unannounced or emergency landing approaches. The LASAW system – short for Landing Approach Surveillance And Warning – has been developed by the engineering team at SkyNet Aviation over the past 12 […]

How SkyNet REACH® LASAW detects overlapping approach areas and controls false alarms

Since the announcement of REACH LASAW, hundreds of people across the aviation sector – from air traffic regulators to safety auditors and consultants – have been paying attention and asking questions. Intrigued experts want to know: how can the system detect aircraft, determine approaches and deploy warning alerts in all manner of specific applications. This […]