The Power of OTP

On-Time-Performance can be a valuable factor in contract negotiations between airlines and various stakeholders, such as airports, ground handling service providers, maintenance providers, and even passengers. Here are our Top 5 ways that OTP can influence contract negotiations: 1. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) OTP can be included as a key performance indicator (KPI) in SLAs […]

The Same, but Different – eVTOL Considerations for OCC Software

Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) operations refer to the use of electrically powered aircraft that have vertical take-off and landing capabilities. Some eVTOL aircraft are also capable of using runways and corresponding approaches like conventional aircraft. They are often seen as a promising solution for urban air mobility and other short-distance transportation needs due […]

Efficiently Navigating the Skies – The Power of Operational Intelligence in Aviation

Aviation is a dynamic business and therefore operational efficiency is paramount. Enter Operational Intelligence (OI), a game-changing strategy that’s reshaping how airlines and aviation companies soar to success. Unveiling Operational Intelligence OI isn’t just about data; it’s about real-time insights that empower quick decisions. Unlike traditional data analysis, OI harnesses current data to tackle immediate […]

From Take Off to Landing and Then Some – The Importance of Record Keeping in the OCC

Our top ten list of why reporting and record-keeping should be essential functions for an OCC. Safety is the top priority in aviation. Reporting and record-keeping help ensure that the airline complies with safety regulations and standards set by the regulator(s). A robust record keeping process will keep you and your regulator from butting heads. […]

Behind the Scenes: The Significance of Policies and Procedures in Airline OCCs

The OCC is the nerve centre of an airline, responsible for orchestrating flights, managing disruptions, and ensuring the overall safety and efficiency of operations. Central to the OCC’s success are well-defined policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). It is also important to ensure your policy and SOPs are routinely updated to reflect the current state […]

The Role of OCC Software in Effective Crisis Management and Emergency Procedures

The OCC is a key contributor to the Emergency Procedures (EPs) and Crisis Management aspect of an aviation operation. A poorly managed response to an emergency can have long lasting consequences for an aviation operation. A key component of the company response is the OCC. A senior member of the OCC should always form part […]

Why Maintenance Planning is a Vital Component of a High-Performing OCC

Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to ensure that aircraft are in optimal working condition and meet all safety standards. Maintenance planning helps identify potential issues before they become critical and ensures that necessary maintenance tasks are carried out on time. Aviation is highly regulated, and airlines must adhere to strict maintenance and safety regulations […]

The Importance of a Functioning CMS

Flight and cabin crew work rules are often complex from a regulatory perspective. and overlaid with equally complex work agreements that are subject to change through periodic negotiation. In our experience, this can mean that Crew Management System (CMS) software needs to keep up with the times. Why is it so important? Here is our […]

The Vital Role of Aviation Weather Forecasts and Decision Support for Safer Skies

For anyone outside the aviation industry, weather forecasts may seem like a simple convenience, a way to plan weekend outings or choose what to wear. However, within the confines of an aircraft or an airline operations control centre (OCC), weather forecasts are of crucial significance to the overall safety of the operation. Why are Aviation […]

The Crucial Role of an Integrated Flight Dispatch Platform in your OCC

Among the various tools and processes that aid OCCs, integrated software applications for flight planning have become a central component. At SkyNet Aviation, we have partnered with ForeFlight to provide a seamless integration of their industry leading Flight Dispatch module with our cutting-edge OCC platform. What are the key reasons your organisation would want an […]