Brisbane, Australia, 14th May 2020 – The industry-leading SkyNet Aviation REACH Aero® Day Of Operations SaaS platform has just become even more powerful through the integration of Avinet’s Air Maestro crew management data.

In late March 2020, SkyNet Aviation formalised a solutions partnership with Avinet to incorporate crewing, rostering, contract and fatigue management data directly into its world-leading REACH Aero® Day Of Operations flight tracking and management solution.

SkyNet Aviation CEO Jon Davis says the critical importance of accessing good aircrew fatigue and HR management made the integration a natural step.

“REACH Aero® is a centralised portal of information across an aviation company’s operations and includes not only current aircraft status, but also all location data, scheduling and FIDS, OTP, turn reporting, dynamic timeline, engineering planning MRO support and more that can affect aircraft status,” Davis says.

“Crewing and rostering is perhaps the second most important part of operating an air service, just behind the aircraft themselves.

“Planes don’t fly anywhere without crew and crew don’t fly anywhere without safe and effective management.

“Air Maestro is a popular low-cost platform for aviation organisations to manage their crew and rostering requirements and as well as compliance with regulated rest and working hours.”

With the integration of Air Maestro data feeds, existing REACH Aero® and Air Maestro clients only need to ask in order to access all relevant crew information and Day of Operations information in a single pane of glass, then use this data to underpin their flight scheduling processes.

“In effect, the Air Maestro crewing module makes REACH Aero® even more of a single-source solution,” Davis says.

“Air Maestro is so popular and so accepted already. However, it is a standalone solution that does not include dynamic flight information – it still relies on the user to keep it up to date.”

Davis says SkyNet has built a solution that allows REACH Aero® to not only be able to access user data on crewing, but also return completed flight data back to Air Maestro. Therefore alleviating a considerable manual input task for each crew member.

Davis says this means Air Maestro can now be used tactically for the live deployment of individual crew members, rather than just for strategic overall aircrew management.

The module went live on 7 April 2020 after a year of development work involving successful beta testing on Scandinavian Air Ambulance’s Beechcraft King Air fixed-wing and Cessna Citation jet aircraft.

“After all that work, it is now being adapted to roll out for all our enterprise customers,” Davis says.

“We are not trying to be Air Maestro though. Air Maestro is still the crew management system, we are, however, leveraging their data available inside the full REACH Aero® Day Of Operations suite.”

Included in the upcoming update release for REACH Aero® is the addition of integrated passenger manifests and the distribution capability to forward these as PDFs to departure aerodromes or other parties.

Further information:

Who is Jon Davis

Jon Davis is the founder and CEO of SkyNet Satellite Communications. He has been delivering flight safety, monitoring and communications solutions for 20 of his 25 years in the aviation industry. His company, SkyNet Satellite Communications, was one of the first in the world to develop satellite services for medium to light aircraft. The Davis family has been involved in signals technology for over 150 years.

What is SkyNet Aviation® 

A specialised division of SkyNet Satellite Communications, SkyNet Aviation® draws from and focuses all its parent company’s expertise to develop, build and deliver solutions for the aviation sector. This work covers enterprise-grade IT development and communications solutions for satellite connectivity, navigation services, asset monitoring and fleet tracking.

What is Avinet Air Maestro 

The flagship product of Adelaide-based Avinet, Air Maestro is an industry-leading cloud-based pilot management software solution. It has been designed to enable control of core aviation operational and safety information. The software ensures all crew can effectively manage business while achieving regulatory compliance. Air Maestro integrates safety, operational and fatigue management modules.

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