Brisbane, Australia, 16 July 2019 – New aviation-specific brand launched and trademarked by SkyNet Satellite Communications.

SkyNet Satellite Communications, a diverse technology development company based in Brisbane, Australia, has launched a new brand to mark its increasing interests in aviation technology.  

The fully registered trademarked brand – SkyNet Aviation® – also signals the creation of a new division within the parent company, SkyNet Satellite Communications, which also offers world-leading solutions in vehicle fleet tracking, satellite data and personal safety.

SkyNet Satellite Communications CEO Jon Davis says the new brand represents how aviation technology has grown to become a dedicated division within his organisation.

“It is necessary to give our aviation work its own identity. It shows how we are increasing our capability to provide our clients with more data and more insight for reduced operation costs and higher level capabilities,” Davis says.

He affirms that the new brand will not bring changes in how SkyNet Satellite Communications does things, saying the move is simply to give clients greater clarity around what part of the organisation they are working with.

“We are ensuring that all the good things will not change. If anything, we needed to register the trademark because everything is improving and we’re doing more and more aviation work.

“However, rest assured that the same SkyNet team members will be providing our clients with the same level of service, cutting-edge expertise and commitment. It’s just all more focused around developing and evolving aviation technologies.”

In the past, there was little need to differentiate the satellite communications and aviation tracking divisions as the technologies were so interdependent.

However, with the rise of ADS-B – which does not rely on satellite – SkyNet has been extending its offerings in new ways.

“It’s not about the hardware installed on aircraft anymore as much as the software platforms that support that existing hardware.”

Davis says the new division and new registered trademark are a “very specific technical projection” of where SkyNet as a whole is going.

“What we’ll continue to do is bring new technologies to the frontlines. We can do this because we have a unique perspective in providing both operational software solutions and management reporting tools.

“A lot of other technology companies don’t seem to recognise that management needs dedicated reporting tools built specifically for their objectives. We pride ourselves on giving them just that.”

As a legally registered trademark, SkyNet Aviation® will also now stand out among other organisations that have similar names.

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