Software training is a crucial piece of the software implementation puzzle. Here at Skynet Aviation®, we understand the benefits of effective software training. So we want to pass a little of that understanding onto you. 

Why software training is so important

Great software is user-friendly and intuitive, but these characteristics don’t negate the need for software training. A platform may be easy to pick up, but it’s only through effective training that your staff will be able to fully realise the potential of the investment you have made in SkyNet software.

Without training, employees can become frustrated or confused upon introduction to the new platform. Learning by trial and error might seem effective, but in reality it’s far from the most efficient way to learn a new paradigm.

Furthermore, software training is linked to a number of positive organisational outcomes, including:

Increased job satisfaction

Software training illustrates to your employees that you’re willing to invest in their education. This, in turn, shows them that you’re committed to their growth within the company. Both elements can serve to boost job satisfaction.

Increased morale

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you don’t understand something. By introducing new software to your employees, this is always a risk. Software training helps mitigate this risk and serves to boost your employee’s confidence, enthusiasm and discipline.

Increased efficiency

Best practices are best practices for a reason. While most users will be able to trial-and-error their way through an intuitive software program, this doesn’t necessarily mean their workarounds will be efficient. Through software training, your employees will learn how best to use your new software. This, in turn, will increase their efficiency when using it.

Increased innovation

The better your employees understand a piece of software, the more likely they are to feel comfortable enough to innovate with it. Software training facilitates this process by familiarising your employees with a given software program. It really is a win:win.

Increased employee retention

All of the above points are, in themselves, points in the software training pro column. But add them all up and you get something else: increased employee retention. Increased job satisfaction and morale, in particular, will serve to help you retain employees.

How Skynet Aviation® supports its clients with software training

When it comes to planning and implementing a successful software system, Skynet Aviation® understands the important role played by software training. Not only is it a boon for your business as a whole, it also mitigates the risks associated with uneducated employees. This is why Skynet Aviation® is dedicated to supporting its clients well beyond the implementation stage.

The support Skynet Aviation® offers is three-fold:

Comprehensive user manuals

Skynet Aviation® ‘s education suite is based on comprehensive documentation designed to help facilitate software training. The resultant manuals are both broad and detailed, offering employees a rich resource to reference throughout their training journey.

Online technical support

Skynet Aviation® ‘s 24/7 in-house technical support department provides access to a professional team with network administration skills, project management, electronics repair, customer training and management.

In-person training as a service

Skynet Aviation® offers training as a service to any customer of REACH Aero Day of Operations. The training sessions are usually one or two day intensive affairs per small team, depending on the requirements of the client.

As SkyNet CEO Jon Davis points out: “The manuals are very comprehensive and online support is always available, but sometimes you just need the expert live onsite.”

Each session is tailored to the specific team and client. We delve into the core elements of what REACH Aero Day of Operations can do and, from there, drive the session based on what business functions are most relevant to the client.

This bespoke approach to training means that you’re getting the most comprehensive training based on the elements of the software you’ll use most. This, in turn, will help you get the most out of the REACH Aero Day of Operations suite.

Who can benefit from Skynet Aviation’s training?

“An example of training we do is often in an OCC – operational control centre – for the operators and their dispatch people,” Davis says.

“They are responsible for overseeing operations and are often still running from spreadsheet-based systems that were developed ad hoc over time. We are taking them from that to something modern, powerful, integrated and built for purpose.” 

SkyNet Aviation® understands the industry in which we work. To that end, we know that when we deliver our training packages, we’re rarely starting from scratch. Our clients are experienced operations people who are masters of their trade, they simply lack the information technology skills to build better systems. 

That’s where we come in. 

Our training is designed to give our clients the right tools to boost their day-to-day operations. We’re essentially showing them what our software can do to make them more effective on tasks they already understand.

Our clients aren’t the only beneficiaries of this system. The training sessions mean SkyNet Aviation® is in close contact with our end-users. As a business, we learn a lot about identifying, developing and introducing the new features that end-users want. This, in turn, helps us improve REACH Aero Day of Operations as a software platform.

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